7 Ingredients for a Well-dressed Amigo

It only takes 7 ingredients to make one of the world’s tastiest desserts: The classic no-bake cookie. 
No bake cookies recipe


Just like the no-bake cookie, there are simple-to-follow recipes for most areas of life: losing weight requires diet and exercise, growing a plant requires sunlight and water, and falling in love requires…OK that one isn’t quite so simple, but being well-dressed I can be. If you have the recipe, you can always feel confident and look amazing. That being said, if you’ve never set foot in a gym or stretched your green thumb, then getting started might not be as easy as we’ve led you to believe. But don't worry, that's where we come in.  

At Corbata, our mission is to help our amigos, like you, to be their best selves. We do that by providing affordable, handcrafted ties that inspire confidence. Although ties are just one ingredient in the recipe of confidence. If you really want to "wow" the next time you step into a room, follow this simple 7 step recipe for a well-dressed amigo. Enjoy!

1. Shoes

Any great accomplishment must be built on a strong (and classy looking) foundation. Like the vast root system of the mighty Redwood Tree to the solid stone foundation of the ancient Newgrange structure in Ireland, a strong foundation is the beginning to anything that will stand the test of time. Your shoe choice is no different: color and style set the tone for the rest of your appearance. Going for a more casual look? Try the original boat shoe. Want to show off your bold side? Go with these suede cap toe oxfords. Are you looking to "wow" and make a classy first impression? Here’s the shoe for you.

Overall, a well-dressed amigo doesn’t put off his shoe choice until he’s walking out the door; it’s the first calculated decision on his way to turning heads and inspiring confidence.

  • 2. Suit/Slacks/Pants

  • The choice between a suit, a pair of slacks, and a more casual pair of pants is entirely up to the situation. Rule of thumb for our well-dressed amigos: dress one level higher than the crowd. For example, when you have an interview with a company that has a dress code that includes a button-up shirt and nice pants, opt for a nice pair of slacks and throw on the Corbata Monday (but only if you want to nail the interview and get the job).
  • No matter the occasion, the pants you decide on will affect your shirt and tie selection—you have been warned. Again, there is a simple rule that, if followed, will save you from style implosion. When dealing with bold patterns or colors just follow the advice of The Offspring and “keep them separated.” If you choose to wear a pair of square-patterned slacks then opt for a plain or carefully selected, minimally patterned shirt. To top the look off, feel free to go back to a bold pattern for your tie—like the Corbata Wednesday. With that look the bold patterns of the pants and the tie are separated by the muted shirt.

  • 3. Shirt

  • See the section above for our take on how to choose an appropriate shirt based on your Suit/Slacks/Pants. What we want to focus on here is fit. Our goal is to save you from Mushroom Shirt Syndrome (MSS for short). Thanks to companies like custom shirts can be ordered for a fraction of the price that it used to cost to go to your local tailor. Do yourself a favor and make sure your shirts fit in the most important areas: the midsection (to avoid MSS) and the neck (so you can button it up to wear the Corbata Sunday).
  • 4. Accessories

  • Your piano teacher growing up said it best… “Consistency, consistency, consistency.” When choosing your accessories (i.e. belt, watch, jewelry) you have a lot of room to show off your personality, but there is one rule that’ll never steer you wrong: match everything. Are you wearing brown shoes? Then your belt and watch strap should be within a shade of those chocolate kicks. Do you fancy a gold signet? Make sure your watch case and (if you can manage it) your belt buckle follow suit. I’m not saying you can never mix it up, just that this is a surefire way to look like a well-dressed amigo. Check out this in-depth article about matching accessories by our friends at
  • 5.Tie

  • We at Corbata believe that your confidence can be boosted by the way that you dress. Specifically, we believe that completing your look with a handcrafted, quality skinny tie will help you live boldly, turn heads, and make powerful, lasting impressions. Whether you are going to a job interview, a first date, or simply out with your friends, a quality tie can "tie" your entire look together (pun absolutely intended). 

  • The style and type of tie you choose will be completely based on personal preference but here’s our two cents: Wide ties are OUT! Unless you are above the age of 55 or your name is Tommy or Jimmy Dorseyyou’d better stay away from anything wider than 3 inches.

    Look for ties that have a high-quality feel. You’ll know you’ve found one if it is made from a linen material such as cotton or wool and has a thick feel. A thick tie means that the material will last and that the manufacturer used a qualify interlining. A branded label is also a good sign that the seller is proud of their product.

  • 6. Personal hygiene

  • All that has been said so far means nothing if you smell like the Cheeto’s guy from Toy Story 2. Nothing kills a killer appearance more than the “I haven’t showered in two days and my untrimmed neck beard shows it” look. Take a little pride in yourself – after all, you are on your way, if not there already, to becoming a head turning, impression making, show stopping, well-dressed amigo.
  • There are few investments worth more of your time than a shower a day. Buy yourself some decent hair products and a fresh stick of deodorant (and actually use it). Brush your teeth EVERY SINGLE DAY—no exceptions. Advanced level hygiene: trim your eyebrows and neckline at least every two weeks.

    7. Self-worth

  • No article about confidence is complete without discussing the importance of self-worth. A well-dressed amigo is not only distinguished by his outer appearance, but even more importantly, by the way he sees himself. For me personally, I feel my best when I am pursuing my passions or helping others. These are the situations when I stop caring about what others think of me and find joy in what I do. Since we at Corbata do not claim to be experts on this topic (at least not yet) we’re going to leave you with a few articles that inspired us to love ourselves a little more.
  • Feel More Valuable
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    Meet Yourself

    In closing, my well-dressed amigo, when you mix these 7 ingredients I promise you that you will get the tastiest version of yourself possible. If we missed anything or if you have any questions please comment below.

    Stay confident Amigos!


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